Weekend Round Up

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend! I’m sitting here in my flannel pajamas with one of our cats and reflecting on how great of a weekend it has been. Even Monday has been great! On Saturday I was able to get in the Cardio Fix Extreme workout in the morning and I […]

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Day 5 – Whoopsies I slipped up!

I have to admit it! I failed! My work holiday party was today and I indulged! I ate scrumptious food, had a delicious glass of wine…and did not feel like working out once I got home. I could beat myself up over it, but tomorrow is a new day and I will complete todays workout […]

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Day 4 of 21 Day Fix Extreme – Lower Fix Extreme

Oh, the burn! I can’t remember the last time my legs were such wobbly jelly! Seriously though, have you ever done a workout and wondered after how you made it through it? I really wondered how I finished the Lower Fix Extreme workout tonight. With my legs still sore from Plyo Fix Extreme on Monday […]

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Day 3 of 21 Day Fix Extreme – Pilates Extreme

Happy Hump Day! This morning I woke up and could not believe how sore my legs were! I was sore yesterday and had some serious wishful thinking hoping that it would pass by today, but man did it really hit me today. I pretty much expect that I will be sore the day after a […]

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Day 2 of 21 Day Fix Extreme – Upper Fix Extreme

Another day down, another day closer to my body transforming and reaching my goals! I feel like I am being whiny, but I also want to let you know what I am going through and be honest. I’m an open book and going to let you know my ups and downs and how even though […]

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Day Day 1 of 21 Day Fix Extreme – Plyo Fix Extreme

Today was a struggle. Alarm off at 4:30 am…workout? Nope, I want to snooze a little longer. I finally pulled my butt out of bed at 5:15, which totally did not give me enough time to workout and shower before work. So I skipped my workout in the morning and hoped I would have enough […]

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21 Day Fix Countdown to Competition

Change is hard. Complacency is easy.

With moving back to Washington State from Maryland, starting a new job, and finding an apartment to call home I slipped back into my old eating habits. After one too many slices of pizza and more burgers than one human should consume in a week I am really beginning to feel less than amazing. And, with the holidays coming up I have also found myself finding reasons as to why I haven’t restarted working out.

I can find excuses soooo easily.

But, feeling like a chunky monkey has really hit my confidence and I realize that only I have the power to make the changes to not be a chunky monkey.

So I decided no more excuses. No more saying tomorrow. Tomorrow is now today and I need to take not only my workouts, but my diet seriously.

I am doing the 21 Day Fix Countdown to Competition meal plan with a round of 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am primarily using cod, eggs, and Shakeology for my proteins and have mixed up the veggie portion of the plan for some variety. Technically including Shakeology is not the hardcore way of doing the program, but I decided it was the best option for me this round to make sure I am getting in all of my nutrients.

Below is the meal plan I created and I am equally parts excited and scared for this process because I believe it will be just as hard mentally as it is physically.

Wish me the best!


Nighty night. Wind down and goodnight! 

   It may be the middle of summer, and it may still be in the mid-80s at 9 pm here in Maryland, but the one thing that can help me unwind after a long day is a hot cup of tea.  For the longest time I didn’t understand why people had bed time rituals. Like, […]

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Homemade Organic Coconut Milk

I love coconut milk in my daily superfood shakes. What I don’t love is all of the extra ingredients that you find in most canned coconut milks and I really don’t love the carrageenan that you find in the majority of refrigerated coconut milks. I also don’t like spending a ton of money. So even […]

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Flying Dog: Dead Rise Release Party

Most of the posts on this blog will be mainly be on how our family is trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Emphasis on trying because some days I really, really struggle to make the right choices for us. Sometimes the events we find ourselves wanting to go to around our new home in Frederick, […]

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